So if Powers doesn’t get cited - does the club just continue with the dignified silence

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So basically if the CO fancies a wee holiday or something then the whole process stops?

It's an absolute disgrace if Power's challenge doesn't get upgraded to a red IMO.
I'm a great believer in what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch if the referee misses something tyats the way the cookie crumbles. However we need consistency. McGregor and the boy from hibs cant be getting done for incidents the ref clearly saw and power doesn't.
Your sentimemts pretty much echo mine and the referees are at breaking point with all this because it now looks they can’t be trusted as the media are doing their jobs for them.Not happy bunnies…… at all!
If the club remain silent over this and McGregor gets banned tomorrow they'll lose a part of my support if I'm being honest.

Dignified silence, look at where we are. Players literally almost getting their heads kicked off their shoulders and we've got players banned for nothing.
They have been after mcgregor since campaign the someone says we are still in the hunt so let’s go after them with poor referring decisions and suspensions....let’s go stevie g, starting with the press hacks. Let them have it.


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Let's go Live to a Kilmarnock training session ...........
Moves are underway by Polis to arrest an Elvis impersonator, but highly unlikely to be caught similar to the phantom cigarette lighter thrower of the piggery and the invisible man ? If you can call him man, who assaulted the youngster near hampden.

Who knows it might have been Elvis.
Listening from the states I wanted to see what RC were saying and Hannah is leading the line for major changes in this compliance stuff and pretty much hinted ‘not fit for purpose’ and we is as a club have got to support this argument.
We can’t let this go if as expected McGregor will lose his appeal.
Too much at stake!


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We are being pointed at, laughed at, ridiculed mocked and shafted in equal measure . It’s been the same for years but has intensified as we now have a half decent side on the pitch with Morelos in particular posing a problem for everyone ( as in he’s a great player and nobody wants us having a great player ).
I honestly hate conspiracy stuff with every fibre of my being……but is it just conincidence that the two players that could shape the destiny of our season going forward are targeted to be citied before anyone else?

As Hannah in the name of fairness ‘Cite all four or dont cite anyone!’
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