Sol Campbell Leaves Southend


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Oh well - seeing as he couldn't even get the club's name right (didn't he think he was at Southampton in one T.V. interview ?) then maybe it's just as well

He should invest in a new satnav with any pay-off / severance money


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Shite manager that has a massive chip on his shoulder. I would imagine it gives up and coming black managers an even tougher chance of getting a role from chairmen thinking they will be the next Sol Campbell and everything turning out to be race related.

West Enclosure Bear

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I remember seeing him on Soccer Am trying to tout himself for any job going (before the Southend job obviously - so l suppose it kind of worked).
It was extremely difficult watching.
Fenners and Bully were trying to encourage him to stop being a bellend but he kept on,talking a hefty amount of sh!te.
It was cringeworthy at best.
A bit like The Office, you weren't really sure whether it was a pisstake or not.
But it wasn't.


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I actually think hes a decent manager who has worked with very tight budgets. I think he probably will get an opportunity higher up


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When Klopp personally dedicated the title to Dalglish and Gerrard...He carried the club in so many ways as a player and there is no one who deserves this title more than he does.
That's why Gerrard gets offered Rangers jobs and similar sentiments will have seen Lampard get Derby and Chelsea gigs. I wonder if Campbell stirs the same feelings within Tottenham and Arsenal?
Done a good job at a League 2 club, so deserves a gig in League 1!!...or Dundee HIVs would be nice