Some RSEA M*A*S*H tees left


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S - two left
i/ bakubear (COD)

M - one
i/ the author - PAID and Posted

L - ten left
i/ Bakubear (COD)
ii/ Mennie4 **
iii/ och aye PAID and Posted

XL - nine left
i/gennaro PAID and Posted
ii/ och aye PAID and Posted
iii/ burquebear - PAID and Posted
iv/ Windsor Bear - PAID and Posted
v/ The Viking RSC - PAID and Posted

XXXL - three left
i/ rwbj PAID and Posted

They are £15 each with all monies going to Erskine
Please leave any enquiry order below
And ill pm you
Please watch your inbox for mail and respond asap



*those still waiting on XXLs
They should be here soon, apologies
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One small and one large please will give you cash when I finally get my finger out on December ))


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I'll take an XL to Albuquerque New Mexico USA. I suspect you will need to add for overseas shipping, please do. Also, you did not charge me for overseas shipping on the 10 badges I got this year. Add that too.


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I think you may have a wee problem witj your PMs
Youve not replies ans you didnt reply last month either
Im assuming your not getting the PMs


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can you PM me a name ans address for posting
Money received with thanks