Something to make you smile first thing on a Saturday.


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Inside the case was his mhanky Celtic top that he no doubts wears to bed, some ladies underwear and dildos of varying sizes, a balaclava and his collection of potato lovers monthly.


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He’ll be able to call up his good friend The Discredited Journalist for hints on how to brazenly walk around stinking of BO for days on end...

mark hateley

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He will have to go and buy his assortment of sex toys from a local establishment.

Feel sorry for him trying to ask for anal love beads and a male dildo in Japanese.


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The little rat can buy some underwear from some of those vending machines the Japanese love.
Casper loyal

Grampian Bear

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Are the scum doing another imaginary tour of Japan before the season finishes....oh how could I forget the rugby WC and he's actually officially the rugby correspondent !