Songs we no longer sing because they are date stamped


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I used to enjoy “We’ve got the best team in the land” which had to end when shirt numbers changed from the good old 1-11 days.
Last time I remember it would have been mid-90s


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Just replace Baku with something else and we can continue singing it. But aye, its probably my favourite one of those types of songs

I was looking up what rhymes with Baku with two syllables this is the list:

2 syllables:
abou, abreu, accrue, achoo, add to, adieu, ado, affreux, ainu, aircrew, all too, and to, and you, anew, askew, as to, awreak, a few, a new, babu, badu, bakou, ballou, bamboo, banyu, beaucoup, bedyed, beef stew, belleview, bellevue, bellew, beppu, bevue, be due, bhikkhu, biblio, biblio-, bigloo, bijou, bijoux, brake shoe, brand-new, brandnew, breakthrough, break through, breeze through, bright blue, bring through, bring to, broadview, bull through, c2, cachou, caillou, canoe, cap screw, cashew, cat-2, cebu, chaloux, champoux, chancrous, changtzu, changzhou, chapeux, charrue, charu, chateux, chatou, chengdu, cheveu, cheveux, chisleu, cling to, close to, come through, come to, construe, corbu, corkscrew, coucou, coutu, crestview, cuckoo, cut through, cut to, daewoo, dark blue, deaf to, deblois, debut, decou, decrew, depew, depue, did you, dog do, do you, drive-thru, due to, egnew, emu, enjeu, enroot, ensue, eschew, fabliau, fairview, fall through, false rue, faruq, fauroux, fescue, fish glue, fish stew, fitzhugh, fondue, fourtou, french blue, fuchou, fuchu, gateaux, geroux, get through, get to, gignoux, giroux, glenview, goat's rue, goat rue, goodhue, goto, got to, got you, go through, go to, grandview, ground crew, gumshoe, guru, gweru, gym shoe, hairdo, hausfrau, have to, have you, hereu, heroux, herscu, hindu, hip to, home brew, hoopoe, horseshoe, how to, hutu, if you, igou, imbrue, imbue, into, in view, iq, isu, jadoo, jaloux, jammu, jamu, joanou, kaifu, karlsruhe, karoo, kazoo, ketou, khufu, kourou, kung fu, kwangju, lag screw, lakeview, landview, laroux, larue, ledoux, lemieux, leroux, liou, llanview, longview, look to, loutou, luck through, lulu, lulue, m2, mailloux, make-do, make do, mamou, manroot, manu, marcou, marcoux, marrou, matheu, matthieu, mayhue, mccue, mcgrew, mcgue, mchugh, mcknew, mcnew, meiyuh, merou, mildew, milieux, miscue, mizzou, montreux, mousseux, naboo, naidoo, nehru, netview, neveu, new to, nintoo, nonya, northview, not due, ogooue, onctueux, ooze through, ought to, outdo, outgrew, out to, pardue, pareu, pass through, patru, peipu, perdue, peru, piloot, plainview, pool cue, preview, prevue, priedieu, proembryo, pull through, purdue, pursue, purview, push through, put through, ragu, ramu, raoux, ratu, redo, redrew, renew, resew, reto, review, revue, richoux, run through, rvalue, ryukyu, sail through, sajou, sam-joo, sar-pdu, sea mew, see through, seydoux, shampoo, shamu, shapoo, side view, slice through, snowshoe, soak through, soohoo, soundview, speak to, squeak through, stage crew, statue, steel blue, stick to, stoop to, subdue, susfu, suzhou, sweep through, taboo, tai lue, tajacu, take to, taku, tansu, tartu, tattoo, tatu, tell you, thankyou, thank you, that you, theroux, the new, tien-fu, tieu, tissue, to-do, tobu, todo, toyoo, to do, to you, transou, troyu, true-view, true to, turn to, tutu, unclew, unclue, undo, undue, unglue, unscrew, unsew, untrue, up to, urdu, used to, vanbrugh, vanloo, vanlue, vieux, vitreo, voodoo, wahoo, wall rue, want to, warm to, wazoo, wenzhou, what do, what you, whay-yu, whip through, whole slew, wing screw, wise to, withdrew, wont to, work shoe, work through, world view, would you, yahoo, yazoo, you do, you to, zanu, zenchu, zhambu, zhengzhou, zhenyu, zulu, zungu, zuzu


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There’s a recording of an old song that sings “We’re gonna win the European cup”

Now not to be a negative nancy but I think that one is for the bin.
Glasgow Rangers, Scottish champions,
Gonna win the European Cup.
Derby County, English champions, gonna be the runners up.

Sung to the tune of the Liver Birds after us and Derby County won our respective leagues in 1975.