Eastern province bear

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Needs to lose about 6 lbs in weight as he’s carrying a bit of timber

He was excellent today never lost a header , brave , can pass and can drive forward , if he can lose the excess weight and stay fit he will be a mainstay of the team for us


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I just can’t see it with him, if he is the replacement to Goldson I will be disappointed.

If he is the replacement for Simpson and is going to push to get in to the team then great, this season has shown we need a bigger squad to deal with the demands of league and Europe.

I just don’t see him as a starting 11 signing, I am hopeful if Goldson does go which it looks likely that we get a replacement that goes straight in to the starting 11.

Was hopeful for the big Dutch lad but looks like he is away to Germany.

Concerns with JS injury history and how he will hold up to the rigours of constant midweek weekend midweek weekend football.

Will be very happy to be proved wrong


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He was excellent.

Nobody doubts his ability, it's if he can reliably be available to play.


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He was Hearts best player by a mile.

Obviously huge question marks over his fitness, last thing we need is another Fil Helander. But if we can keep him fit we have won a watch
At least, if Goldson is leaving, we're getting a defender in who knows how to cover the front post... harsh, I know, but true. Happened again today when Simms should have scored but hit the outside of the post.


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After Bassey and Gordon he was by far the best player on the park, can see similarities with Goldson but he was everywhere, heading,
Blocking and his passing is good too.

Also drives forward.

I for one will think he'll be a success for us.
I'll be honest, I've not seen much of him but I liked what I saw today.


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I for one will think he'll be a success for us.

I’ll see you that, and raise you a Jack, Helander, Roofe and Ramsey. Maybe even Balogun.

All top quality players but share the exact same attribute.

Souttar was brilliant today but my heart sinks if we’re expecting him to be a genuine first pick next season.


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I thought he was Hearts' best player today. As long as he stays fit I think he will be a quality signing for us.


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He is evidently a monster of a centre back and that's why Ragners took a punt on him. Bear in mind he's only 25 as well.

If it wasn't for his injuries he's a top 6 EPL player.
A top 6 epl player cmon to %^*& , what does that make goldson , bassey , helander and balogun because he’s not better than either of them


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once our fitness coaches get a hold of him, his injuries may lessen, look at Scott Wright, he was injured a lot at the sheep, but not so much since he's joined us, I know not playing that many games could be a factor, but I don't think he played many games at the sheep either


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Might be going a bit far there

One of his best mates, Andy Robertson, is playing for Liverpool and doing alright. By all accounts, John was just as good if not better, so not really. Dundee United started playing him as a CB at 16.

If it wasn't for his injuries he's on another level just now.