Spanish commentary on the two gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooals

Carlton The Bear

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Sounds brilliant...I think the commentator may just love Alfie as much as we do.

And “Steevieeeee Davveeeeeees” is just, well, orgasmic?
Thats brilliant. :))
You can just see him sitting with his face turning the same colour as our shirts as he comes out with the last lllllll’s

Rob McLean he isn’t. :p


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I couldn't get the other videos posted last night to work. That is hilariously brilliant! I'm in tears here!:)) Can you imagine the likes of the wee wank Rob MacLean commentating like that?:oops::D

To be fair to him last night he did sound like he enjoyed those two goals. But it's a first!

That was a brilliant post OP, thanks for sharing :)


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love it :p, wish we could get this guy to commentate on our games instead of listening to that big halfwit sutton


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You get the feeling everyone in Scotland are disappointed when we score but in Mexico they are bloody delighted

Rio Bear

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The game was live on TV here in Brazil too. The goooooooooals sounded great in Portuguese as well!!!