Sparta 12/5 on the coupon tonight


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9/4 on Bet365. It is tempting...although betting on the Scum you always risk double disappointment vs double enjoyment!
FM, a home team that just pumped the opposition 4- 1 away are 9/4 .
Wish I had seen this earlier. Would have been a a couple of hundred up now, and I am not just thinking about the scum. That was a great bet!

Sir Walter’s Warriors

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Only downside is that now they are def out they have no reason not to rest large numbers of players for the other two matches in Europe. Could any humiliation really be much worse? Less likely to drop point in the following matches possibly?

Disco Deejay

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When Julius Caesar muttered the immortal words "Et tu Brute" was it a premonition of the Sparta v Celtc aggregate score?

I now await Lennon coming out with ...


Sir Walter’s Warriors

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Mate, that squad/team are in complete disarray.
Oh absolutely, however, despite playing poorly they still haven’t actually dropped many point in the league (we have just been exceptional). At the end of the day if they somehow turn this around and beat us in the league the short term bliss of them getting pumped by minnows in the Europa league will mean nothing.

My boy Blu

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If he doesn't eff go after this they have a eff agenda, no club of our size would keep a manger after that 8 eff 2 get him to eff I am now at the despise him level.

Paranoia, terrible spelling. Straight off kerryfail.:))