Sparta Prague - Roll call


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Managed to pick up some tickets for bar72 tonight on here, can’t wait.

Does anyone know if you still get a free pie and a pint with these tickets? Been years since I’ve been to this part of the ground.

Hopefully the beers aren’t too expensive or I might be disappearing to the Louden after the game to celebrate!


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Working tonight so my brothers got out season ticket. Gutted to be missing it but working from home so at least I'll still see it.


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Roll call for tonight

ForzaLaudrup reporting for duty - MRR

Will be a member of the big jaiket loyal tonight. Freezing!

Into the racist scum
'4 Layers of clothes loyal' for me. Top layer my newly acquired 1974 Cryuff Holland top.
My salute to Gio from the Club Deck !


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Just arrived , train up from England . CF5 . Would like to see Gio unveiled to the crowd beforehand to get the fans going but can't see it being possible with pre-match instructions / taking place .


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BF3 with the old man tonight since he's feeling up to a game, first in a while for him

Make it a good one Rangers!


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On my way into Glasgow. I've got my best clogs on for the occasion.

If you're in the West Enclosure give me some support.


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Going to miss my first European game in years - housebound after hospital stay - gutted.

Atmosphere tonight should be electric - unless we go one down then it will become poisonous.


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In the house still got another couple of days of isolation cmon Gers just do thisB-)B-D

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