SPFL announce key dates for season 2019/20 including opening weekend


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THE SPFL have released several key dates for next season.

All four divisions will start their campaign on the weekend of Saturday, August 3, with the Betfred Cup group start beginning the weekend of July 13/14.

The 2019/20 winter shutdown is pencilled in for Monday, December 30, to Friday, January 17.

Season 2019/20 key dates
Betfred Cup group stage

MD1 Weekend of July 13/14, 2019

MD2 Midweek of July 16/17, 2019

MD3 Weekend of July 20/21, 2019

MD4 Midweek of July 23/24, 2019

MD5 Weekend of July 27/28, 2019

Betfred Cup round 2

Weekend of August 17/18, 2019

Betfred Cup quarter-finals

Midweek of September 24-26, 2019

Betfred Cup semi-finals

Weekend of November 2/3, 2019

Betfred Cup final

Weekend of December 7/8, 2019

Ladbrokes SPFL (all divisions)

Fixture round 1: Saturday August 3, 2019

Fixture round 2: Saturday August 10, 2019

Ladbrokes Premiership winter break

Monday December 30, 2019 until Friday January 17, 2020

Ladbrokes Premiership ends

Weekend of May 16/17, 2020

Ladbrokes Premiership play-off final

Wednesday May 20 & Sunday May 24, 2020

Ladbrokes Championship, League 1 & League 2 ends

Saturday May 2, 2020

Ladbrokes Championship & League 1 play-off finals

Midweek of May 12/13 & weekend of May 16/17, 2020

Ladbrokes League 2 play-off final

Sunday May 10 & Saturday May 16, 2020

Please note: All dates subject to change


SPFL confirms start and end dates for the 2019-20 season https://www.footballscotland.co.uk/...r.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar

When the 2019-20 Premiership season will kick-off and finish
The fixtures for the new season will be released in June
  • 15:57, 17 APR 2019
  • Updated15:58, 17 APR 2019

The 2019-20 Premiership season will begin on August 3, the SPFL have confirmed.
The lower leagues will also start on that day, with teams having already competed in the group stage of the League Cup, which will run from July 13 to 28.
The Premiership season is due to finish on the weekend of May 16 and 17 2020, with the relegation play-off scheduled for May 20 and 24.
The fixtures will be released at some point in June.
The full schedule of the League Cup has also been confirmed, with the second round involving the European teams scheduled for August 17 and 18.
The last 16 will be played on the weekend to avoid clashing with the Europa League and Champions League, with the last eight September 24 to 26 and the semi-finals on November 2 and 3.
The final of the League Cup will be played at Hampden on December 7 or 8.

Brian Laudrup

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Any clue when the first game against the scum will be because I’m trying to book a week away in Spain but don’t want to miss Game against them??


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So we're away to the tramps Dec 29 then.

Home to them September, although I'd hope for earlier as I reckon we'll have a more settled team and could benefit from a bounce of early season form.


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Don't think anyone has ever claimed the winter break is for purposes of avoiding bad weather. It's just a break that happens to be in winter, hence "winter break"


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No issue with the winter break.

Where the madness occurs is 9 games in December. (If in europe).

We then had random weeks where we get one game a week for 6 weeks, like the post split.

Nonsensical for players and more importantly, fans.


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Manky feckers will be given first and last games at paedodrome
We can change that.

Win the league, then we will get a party at Ibrox on the last day, then a home game first the following season to unfurl the flag.

They get these just now because they keep winning it.


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Any clue when the first game against the scum will be because I’m trying to book a week away in Spain but don’t want to miss Game against them??
If like this season September available dates based on games around these games for European games

Sunday 1st
Saturday 14th
Sunday 22nd
Saturday 28th


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At least the SPFL haven't made the same mistake as this season with the League Cup semi-finals, have put them back a week however that has had a knock on effect for the final which is also put by a week

We could be having a Saturday final for the 1st time since 1982 as the final matchday of the Champions League is 10th/11th December, of course that is dependent on the Scottish Champions reaching the group stage to begin with


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Not a midweek game after the winter break this time.
Yes there will be one to restart with

I reckon that the fixture calendar will basically be the same as this season - only change is as i have posted the dates of the League Cup Semi-final and Final are a week later