Spiers raises his head above the parapet


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I don't think I've seen Spiers talking about the paedo ring without relating it to us.

I guess it was the same with Jimmy Saville – the people talking about the abuse got as much condemnation as Saville did. Oh, wait, no that only happens in Scotland if it's against one club.

The guy is a creep and a banker for being a nonce.


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Graham why are you not condemning those that knew and covered it up it allowed more people to become victims.

I will give you the first.

Big Jock Knew but decided to cover it up. We have been telling you this for years but you chose to ignore it


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After all that's went on at the paedodome through the decades, he comes out with that bile. His family should be ashamed of the rat.

He's an embarrassment to the human race and yet gets paid to put this crap in print. That's even more scary, as it shows how much hatred there is in this cesspit that we live in. What a world we now live in.


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And guess who is in his sights after yesterday's verdict.

No great surprise from someone who has previously expressed sympathy for a convicted paedophile.
He should be going straight to the source of the story and actually push for justice for the poor guys who’s lives have been ruined, where a very small minority may find it a point scoring thing the vast majority are disgusted at the treatment of these poor guys , not only were they abused but the team they love have hung them out to dry and ignored them in their time of need.

The thing that gets me is Spears and co have sat back for decades and done nothing even though there was an open secret to be investigated and he talks about point scoring, he should be fecking ashamed of himself as he had the power of the press and media to push for the truth, not for point scoring but what’s right.


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If it’s so “distasteful “””to this no mark w@nk why raise your head above the toilet seat, and get involved?cant help themselves,defending,and hiding from this atrocities is shameful.