Spiers wants Goodwin to keep his job as they played well against Rangers

Killer Bob

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Aberdeen's issue is that they treat every Rangers game like the game of the century then can't be arsed playing in the next few fixtures.

Funny that they think a Celtic fan is the best person to address this situation.


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What a snivelling little rat Spiers is. He always panders to the anti-Rangers brigade.

Problem for the sheep is that they turn up 4, potentially 6, times a year to pander to their scum fans. They don’t try a leg for the most part against the bigger sides and they get found out time and again.

For someone like Spiers to be so blinded by his own stupidity is hardly surprising, but he doesn’t half like to suck up to anyone who hates Rangers, knowing fine well it makes him a sheckle or two for his pathetically irrelevant podcast and his equally pathetic followers.

A wank who is best ignored and to be laughed at, emphatically laughed at.


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Graham Spiers is a prick.

Once seen him wearing white socks with brown Jesus sandals at a petrol station on Great Western Road.

Says everything you need to know about the man.

Beer Belly Loyal

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What a wee creepy irrelevant paedophile enabler.


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OK so let's for a second say Darvel was just a one off maybe you can see where they're coming from but it wasn't a one off, they've lost 9 out of their last 10, the other 1 being a 0 0 draw v Ross County.


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If ever there was a board, group of fans and a failed journalist who deserved each other, it’s that group of small time morons.


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Can he not seen then that the manager has problems motivating his players for other games and hasn’t been able to change of we have 4 games a season.

Jan Wyck

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Heard an outrageous rumour about Spiers. Apparently he's got one of those really elaborate human dog costumes from Japan (an Alsatian one) and he hangs about Kelvingrove park in it trying to pump real dogs.
I can confirm this. He has a thing for Irish Setters. Especially if they are still puppies.


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Spiers is just summing up Scottish football. Beating Rangers means everything to all of them, not just the sheep. We are the scalp they all want to take.


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Spiers is just desperate to be a shock jock to try to earn money. Best ignored.


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Graham Spiers does not believe anything he says. He says it to briefly recapture some of the attention he would get back when he was relevant (which admittedly was about 30 years ago).

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