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Hamilton V St Johnstone will probably be the first game, 8 goal thriller. Most of the post-analysis will be failed trialist and friends trying to get Morelos into the sights of that silly boot at the SFA, no mention of an absolute pumping for their heroes


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I haven't watched in a long time but tonight should be fascinating and a thoroughly glorious watch. I can't wait to see and hear them absolutely spewing over their favourites being dominated from start to finish . I have a feeling they will be picking alfie out for special attention with a few of his wee off the ball scuffles with some of their scum players.


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The first goal was never a free kick
Celtic score that first half chance they would have gone on to win
Edouard would have scored it
Christie should have been allowed to play
Morelos should have been sent off
Covid decimated Celtic's team
Celtic missed the crowd, best in the world
Rangers bottle went last time they won, Celtic still favourites
Rangers didn't play well, Celtic were poor

Perm any 5 from 9
change consent