Spurs new away kit


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I love it

if we were to have something as ambitious as this from a design perspective, I'd be delighted.

if I were the designer, I think I would utilise the marble staircase inside Ibrox to make the link to a pattern which is less traditional - would be good for a white away top.
I dare say plenty share the same opinion.

But it’s still shite.

Capital G

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I didn’t think the Chelsea home top this season would be beaten in terms of being ridiculous.

I stand corrected.

And there are folk on the Castore thread wanting Nike to make our tops?

St Andrews Bear

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Horrific. Football strips are getting ridiculous now I thought some of last seasons were bad but this year could see plenty surpass that


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Reminds of an old vase my granny had.




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I’m sure I’ve seen an almost identical design on FIFA21 from one of these e-sport team things. It’s horrible.