Spurs new away kit


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Why are Nike kits mostly shit nowadays? Some of their older kits (especially ours) were really well done.

Now it’s a boring template or something like that.

blue genes

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That is horrific - are they going out of their way NOT to sell their kits?

Kit designer "Look how different & groovy this is "

Spurs Marketing team "Yeah, baby"

Actual Spurs fans "Get that away from me"


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Absolutely minging, the farce is so called "designers" are paid handsomely for producing shite like this. IMO Spurs best away kits were the 60s and 70s kits when they were a negative image of the first kit.


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I suppose it was a good day to bury a bad kit

Albertz Loyal

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Can't wait for us to move to Nike, or anyone really, and start getting modern 21st century, down with the kids designs. We've done retro to absolute death. Time to move on.
Exactly, totally missing a trick now. Our kits are dull and boring.. the way kit especially should be modern


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I long for the day we get involved in this sort of design.

I actually like it but the thread on here would be the main reason :))