Spurs v Dortmund


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Couldn’t see a thread on this game.

0-0 after 25 minutes and not a bad game so far although Dortmund look the more likely to score right now.

Jadon Sancho looks superb any time he gets on the ball.
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Maybe just me, but I found our youths game this afternoon more entertaining.
I agree though that Sancho is a fine player.
The young spurs right side defender has been caught dithering a couple of times.


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Dortmund play a patient game.

They have a good shape out of possession and Spurs only chance of scoring is from long range.

Feel like they are missing not having a striker as Gotze is drifting around as a false striker.


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VAR is a c***! Real Madrid players never claimed for a foul or for offside. Courtios made an arse of it and excepted his mistake he didn't claim for anything.
VAR will be a disaster in Scotland, folk of a certain persuasion picking and choosing incidents they want.
Could you imagine Club Bheast getting a goal disallowed in this country due to VAR :eek: