St Boo v Dundee Tesco


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I first saw the score on at 2-0 on pens. Assuming the penalties still to be ongoing, I quickly flicked to BT Sport on the TV to see the remaining pens.

Couldn't understand why it wasn't on, and then after a couple of minutes and a re-check on Livescore, it finally dawned on me that 2-0 was the final penalties score.

What an absolute riddy for Scottish football!
We often talk of clubs hating themselves to death and hating Rangers more than loving their own clubs, but Dundee United really have done this and are paying a high, high price. They might not be dead, yet, but their relegation and subsequent failure to return to the top flight despite three attempts will have serious ramifications for them.

They were the ones who were most happy to dance to Liewells tune back in 2012 and were very vocal about it. Since then they've been arse raped by the Mhanks for their best players and that, along with our demotion has meant that they lost out on serious cash, not to mention key players.

They deserve every single tear they are currently crying and that clock is now ticking just a little bit faster.


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At least with us we knew where we were and the only way was up, albeit an extra season in the Championship being a pain in the arse.

Must be tough lingering in the abyss never knowing. That's two play off finals now, losing out by a goal and an embarrassing penalty shoot out.

Never mind, Tannadice is only good for Tesco or winning leagues in anyway.


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I must say many years ago when Jim McLean was in charge they were a decent side who earned respect and I wouldn't have been relishing the fact that they had had fallen on hard times, but with all the things they did to us and they stuck the boot in to us at every turn and helped the peadohiders by being their rslicking bidey buddies they deserve this and more, it's a great day isn't it.:))


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The winners of the play-off in England tomorrow get the guts of 80 million and all St Boo get is methadone for their fans plus a bottle of Bucky for the team to share.

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Great to see Dundee Utd galvanising their championship status! A wee diddy club that can’t take a penalty, doubt they will make the playoffs next season as they galvanise their championship credentials even more!


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Amidst all the merriment and joy, there is one man we should have a great deal of sympathy for.
The poor referee John Beaton.
He tried his best, pulled every string he could, sailed as close to the wind as he dared with decisions, and tried to return this “big club” to its “rightful place” in the top league. As per, he fucked it up.
I wouldn’t pay him, he failed.

He’ll have to settle for his SFA fee.