St.Boo vYahoos


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Was absolutely a penalty from what I saw.

Thing is it doesn't matter. As long as they keep picking up 3 points, the win will be the only narrative we hear regardless of how poor they play.

Davy Young

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This Celtc team are not very good their defence is very shaky, I know it's eary days but they are there for the taking....Does lego eater ever play a forward pass?


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Sky commentary saying St Mirren denied another penalty by Cheatin Beaton.
Watched the game, absolute dire game, dont think it was a penalty at the end to be mcgrrgor gets the ball and st mirren playe then gets his legs tangled with mcgregors. They look so slow and unorganised at the back, plenty of chances for teams to get at them, sadly stmirrrn were not interested in leaving there own half until the last couple of mins
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