St.Boo vYahoos


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The bottom line is the tarriers have looked vulnerable and exposed in every game they have played so far.

We haven't at any stage of any game and look a far more complete team.

exactky they are giving teams chances in every game several per half

this will eventually catch up with them

they give us the amount of chances Ross county had and we will run riot


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I just watched the SPFL highlights of their match and if the penalty claim that St Mirren are making is the one on there then it wasn't a penalty. It is not clear if Duffy even heads it on to his arm.
It seemed to me that he just headed it downwards and away.
It wasn't deflected away from a St Mirren player or anything like that.


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Blaming the Refs is defeatist??

Is it really when it's down right cheating in games we even win?? There's dozens of examples of it. Where do I start?

That's just with Our team. Not counting the blatant cheating in favour of that lot. Sorry but that's countless times I've heard of them scrapping a lead and finding out there's 2mins IT. Yet when they are down there's always, 4, 5 even 6mins added on ffs. You have Lego who seems untouchable too. Plenty of times against us alone he could of walked for 2 bookable offences.

You really need to take your head out the sand re this. It's not even the fact of when we dont win. It's so fcking blatant when we are winning.

I reckon in about 75% of our matches something controversial will go against Us winning or losing.
What is your solution to the referee problem?
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