Match Thread St Joseph's v Rangers - 16:55 Tuesday - Premier Sports


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A goal and assist for Barisic.

After an admittedly shaky start he’s really settled well into the game. Certainly getting into the right positions. A bit of work on his deliveries and he becomes a really asset imo.

Skyy Bluenose

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Who's going to go back and highlight all the posters who were hammering Borna in the first half? - When he was actually playing okay, but couldn't figure out the wind on a couple of crosses.


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Hopefully this is a lesson to all the panty wetters complaining about it being 0-0 in the first half despite us looking decent away in Europe on a tricky surface, and those bemoaning Barisic having a few poor crosses but hardly an awful game.

3-0, superb technique from Barisic.

If it stays like that, we have to be happy with a good day's work.