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I was on the old boards as BroxiBlueBear and here we moved to new boards. It's a dig at those who use it against us. Not arguing you with you mate you're allowed your opinion and that's fair enough.
It's a 'dig'?
Like 'can you dig it?' or 'diggin' someone up' (i.e. dissin' them?).
Loads of ambiguity, don't you think?
No bears call us newco. It's fickin timmy. Wouldn't you agree?
That's my opinion. Rangers now, Rangers then, Rangers forever.
Didn't expect the result to be so convincing. Everybody gave a better performance in the 2nd half. Ojo looks the part. Great free kick from Barisic. Tav bombing up the wing. Kamara and Davis working their socks off. Defence strolling it. Jack did fine, as did Jones. Need to wait to see how Jones fairs against top class opposition, but a decent addition. Aribo was hungry for the ball. Didn't see much of Stewart. Overall, decent result, seemingly no injuries, a UEFA win bonus, and we can play our second eleven in the return at Ibrox.
Good review, never catch on in here, watched it in the Famous Bluebells PDC, Rangers win, beer & sun, win win
Ojo aside, the first half wasn't great (which can partly be blamed on the heat and the shite pitch) but the second half display was far better. I would have taken 1-0 and no injuries before the game so to have the tie pretty much wrapped up and a clean bill of health, I'm very happy.


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Happy with that tonight. Not so happy as there is fuk all open right now at Malaga airport as I wait for a 6.45am flight back to Milan :(
Surely you got your full duty free? It's quite mild tonight in Malaga and pissin down in Croatia Head for the beach and drink yourself senseless - but make yer flight!


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Early days but already Ojo looks like another player we won’t be able to afford come the end of the season.
Hopefully he tears it up and we can't afford him. I don't see any negatives in thinking that way tbh.

I would love to see Kent back for one last hurrah mind you as I think we could stroll the league with the two of them.


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Happy with the response in the second half. First half was pretty tough but can often be the case in these type of games.

We kept at it and were clinical enough.

Job done and tie over.


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Just watched the highlights having seen the first half live. Was bricking it as after 5 minutes of 10 we were still in the first half.

Decent goals Good one two by Goldson to Katic at the 4th goal.
It took us 45 minutes to adapt to the condition of the pitch, but after that we played some good, sharp football.

Tav provides terrific width down the right and Ojo looks very comfortable playing narrow behind the striker.

A very promising start Rangers.

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Evidently you can't be seen as much more than a panty wetter etc for some odd reason, even though, again it isn't being said with that intent.

Teams with 9 men behind the ball is the football we play often - that's typically how Rangers games work - we have sort of seen the picture quite often.

Re just a general comment, match threads typically do have wide sweeping emotive statements, it's not that mental etc really it is just the nature of following a football team in real time - it isn't always in depth deep considered analysis....

Posts on this thread are oft just the equivalent of an....oh for %^*& sake at a game.

Re what I would do, i sort of hinted at it earlier - i don't think the output from LB helps us much - which would seem knee jerk if it hadn't been a problem for 9 months.
A goal and an assist. Not a bad start to the season.

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Got to admit, worrying first half that. They had a real chance and luckily didn't take it.

Just waiting on half the forum telling me how much of an arsehole I am.

For those that are moaning about people moaning, are you new to FF? Maybe if you don't like it you should go on Rangers Media or something like that? Nobody forcing you to read the match thread.


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I was hoping we would put the tie to bed in the first leg and we certainly did that.

Only really Jones and Ojo were making things happen in the first half. The midfield 3 of Kamara, Davis and Jack was too negative in the first half but in the 2nd half everything seemed to click and in the end we won at a canter.


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Not a criticism but Kamara needs to watch his cross field passes in own half he's given the ball away a couple of times in dangerous position, in saying that his all round game is very good.
Did it a few times last year. Was it not him in the cup against Aberdeen? Wee man is some player but he needs to sort this.

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