St Mirren v Aberdeen and other Sunday football


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Enjoy your night, Bears! :))

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We really need to put foot down next few weeks, we have been horrendous so far yet have an opportunity to get a huge lead over these jokers..

Let’s get our act together and get further clear


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Utd should’ve really scored right at the end, 2 on 1 in the box, either roll it on for a tap in or shoot, but the player tried to carry the ball and lost it. Still would’ve taken a draw before the match and the boos ringing around the half empty crumbledome are always good to hear :)


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What a chance for Utd at the end . Great result for us though with them at Aberdeen next weekend

Truffle Shuffle

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I'm not sure about that, this whole home form / away form has coincided with them playing some of the worst teams in the league at home in St Midden, Ross County and Raith in the cup, so just coincidental rather than them being great at home.

Fair enough they lucked a win against Hearts early on, but teams have since sussed out the Aussie Pep. I'm choosing to believe that Dundee United will take points, they're staying above Celtic in the race for top 6.
Happy to say I was right about this one, enjoy your night bears!

Swinton Ger

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Get in there!!!! Our challenge is from the East Coast not the East End! The Sharks are circling!