Match Thread St Mirren v Rangers - 12:30 Saturday - Sky Sports


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Overall a poor performance. Good finish to the game though with two excellent goals.

Candeias being sent off should see Rangers out and out attack the SFA and Collum - that was absolutely disgraceful from him.

Halliday had a decent game but very few other pass marks.

Poor performance. Great result though. Ref tried to overshadow the game and I would hope Rangers are asking questions very, very loudly.


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Missing the point. The ref could be sensational, we still create nothing!
The ref has nothing to do with how shite we are. Steamroller this dross, then take the officials to task.
Hmmmmm so the refs decisions to give fouls against Rangers players and waive on clear fouls from the opposition doesn't impact the flow of the game?


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Red card Candeias.

Two yellow cards for celebrating.

The entire Kilmarnock team left the pitch at Ibrox and not a single yellow card.

Dirty cheating Yahoo filth.

I hope Gerrard calls this out.
Refereed to a different standard

And until we complain, nothing will change


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So Candeias sent off for the same as Halliday a few years ago - sent off for celebrating an opponents goal. Only two players in the history of scottish football have been done this way and both Rangers players. Agenda? Ontheline?


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Thank fúck.

Well done to the players and management. Job done lads.

As for Collum, An utter disgrace of a ref. Complaint should be in Monday morning.


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Much better in the second half, we had to win that.

They did nothing but time waste second half, not one booking then Gollum sends Candieas for celebrating twice