Match Thread St Mirren v Rangers - 12:30 Saturday - Sky Sports


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That’s a massive three points when you look at the table.

No idea why candieas got a second yellow, it’s the end of the game, whatever it was I’m
sure no one would have noticed had the ref let it go.

But then it’s us we are talking about

also noticed stuff bouncing around Morelos when he celebrated.


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Rangers should actually say they want a public explanation to the 2 x yellow cards dished out for non-fouls and for the 2nd yellow for Candeias.

Getting fucking sick of these refs and just as sick as Rangers' silence on the subject. The fact I am even discussing this after 3 points shows the refs have too much influence on our games once again.


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Overall a grim game, but hopefully this is a corner turned. I can see us putting in a good performance against Spartak on Thursday.


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Good win at the end of the day in miserable weather in a miserable setting. Still need a lot of improvement especially in midfield for me, no creativity coming from the middle of the park at all.
Does anyone know why candeias was sent off?


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We did what we had to do but performance was worrying again although improved a lot second half.

Up against 12 men again today as well, Collum was a disgrace. Would love a proper neutral to break down his performance today.


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So Candeias sent off for the same as Halliday a few years ago - sent off for celebrating an opponents goal. Only two players in the history of scottish football have been done this way and both Rangers players. Agenda? Ontheline?
He’s been banned mate. No idea what name he goes by now
I'd sell him, absolutely.

I'd rather go with Flanagan on the right and Barasic on the left.
He's off form but this is a mental view. Have you seen Flanagan lately? He's worse at defending than both Tav and Barisic and also offers nothing in an attacking sense.

Not to mention Tav;s importance earlier this season with important penalties and assists. He'll get his form back, sooner rather than later hopefully


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We have to complain about Collum. The guy is an out and out cheat. Celebrating goals now gets us yellow cards,GTF. Just anything he can do to f--k us up. A scandal this guy is not called out for his bias and disgraceful decisions against us.
Why are we as a Rangers support subjected to that utter W--k Walker. Surely an unbiased commentary isn't to much to ask?


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Big 3 points. Tardy teamwork for most of the game but two great goals. It will help relieve the pressure on the team after the sheep and Killie results. A lot of work on the training ground is required. Needs to be more movement from the midfield and sharper, more precise passing. Still, 3 points makes the weekend.