Match Thread St Mirren v Rangers - 12:30 Saturday - Sky Sports


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I’d of loved it if Morelos blatantly dived while holding his face then got up laughing as the vermin were launching shit at him..... the officiating on Morelos is suspiciously racist. There can be no other explanation as to why all referees seem to blatantly treat him with contempt and referee him completely differently to others.
Theyve always picked on Colombians
Absolutely turgid to watch. However, will take the three points any which way. Great goal by Candeias and yes he fucking meant it you moron Walker! Also good goal by Alfie. Scandalous by ref at end and during the game when the hammer throwers who haven’t tried all season put their bodies on the line against the Gers. How did that work out for them? Get back tae the Championship (with Dundee Utd).

blue barney

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Absolutely a huge mistake by collum. Ferdinand should have been red carded. Collum needs to apologise right away to the rangers player and manager. But he won’t because he is a little sfa lickspittle rat bag.


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So Ferdinand should have seen a straight red. Candieas does nothing but can't appeal as it's two yellows and they can't cite Ferdinand as he was booked at the time?!

%^*& the SFA
Shite first half, and two very late goals. After the past few games, people were understandably frustrated
We were all frustrated by the 1st half, but anyone could see the difference in the 2nd, much better tempo, completely controlled it and doesn’t matter when you score - more than deserved the 2 goals in the 2nd half.