Stadium shop stock!


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Apologies if there is a thread, but can’t seem to find it.

can anyone advise what current stock level is in the stadium store ? Up that way tomorrow so looking to get some training gear in large and kids tops for 6 year old.


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Was OK in those sizes when I was over last week (Wed I think), its when you go above large it's a bit of a struggle to find much. Was looking for something for my dad's birthday in an XL and came away empty handed.

Might have changed with us being at home yesterday though.


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I was in today and they had adult training gear in large and kids away tops, training tops for a 6 year old


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Last twice I've been I've had to jump over to Buchanan galleries to get the correct sizes I needed


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The whole thing is a shit show, tbh.

From quality control, to stock to customer service.

They’re in way above their heads and don’t have the systems, processes or people to sort it.

A digitally native company though…

Bisgrove’s silence and the lack of accountability for this ongoing shambles is embarrassing. One for the fan media guys to bring the club to task over.

South Belfast Broxi

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Belfast store stock in larger sizes was pathetic today also, seems the 5XL which is really a 3XL is hard to get and seem to be only a small number of that size that arrives in store to be sold out quickly according to a store worker.


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I was in shop saturday for white not one to be had managed to get grey top but that was luck... seemed to be well stocked with new home and away top but other items very little or none at all


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Went in for the 1st time on Saturday, very disappointed with stock levels considering it was the day of a home game


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Have plenty the away tops. Don’t have any the originals white training tops…AGAIN which was a pain in the hoop

This bugs me mate.
The way that white training top flew off the shelves on its first day, should surely have seen Rangers and Castore get to work on producing thousands more of them ASAP.

From a business perspective, it makes very little sense to still be out of stock of this top.