Statement from rangers

why not ask for "clarification" why Power wasn't cited as in the name of sporting integrity this whole system needs to be addressed as it appears that Rangers players are being over scrutinised and others are walking away scot-free even though they will have committed similar offences.
Pathetic. A proper chance to call out the integrity of the process and we shite it.

The tarriers would have had a field day if this happened to them

Meet the current board, same as the old board under Sir Duped.

Spineless unless it’s any of them under personal attack


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Here was me thinking having Rangers men running the club would put an end to the constant kickings we take from the authorities. In reality we’ve limped from cockup to court proceedings, we’ve achieved nothing of note on the pitch, we’re still being booted from pillar to post & we are still all bark & no bite.
Yes they helped get rid of the scum that was running the club into the ground, but how long will that goodwill get them by? We need to start acting like a big club again. Do you think Celtic would take this? Man U? Liverpool? Chelsea?
Yet time and again we are let down by those running the club in these matters.
What exactly are people expecting the club to do here?

Say we are not accepting the decision and play McGregor in the next game?

Say we are going to challenge through the courts - what would this achieve - our matches being suspended until the case is heard?

We could also point out the similar challenges being thrown by players of other clubs - in particular celtic - but again what is that going to achieve? If the SFA / SPFL is infested with scum then going this route will achieve nothing other than raise a few taig chuckles.

The statement is short and to the point -

"abundantly clear questions about the current disciplinary system, which we believe to be flawed, must be posed"

"Urge that the system is now thoroughly reviewed as a matter of extreme urgency"

The message is clear from Rangers and it is the correct message.

We don't want to go down the hysterical route the filth took which resulted in refs being threatened by their scum support.