Steve Clarke - What did O'Donnell do wrong?


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Some of what he is saying there is correct, but if he's playing at the right of a midfield five, then he needs to contribute much more going forward. Not good enough to just be solid defensively playing in that role.


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Ignoring the facts that he lost the ball many times, tackled his own player in the opposition box and offered zero attacking threat, then he's correct.

The problem is he says Stephen's first job is a defender. He was played as a wing back. Compare his contribution to Robertson on the opposite wing.

He offered nothing, but it sounds like that's exactly what Clarke wanted. As long as you have a manager that's happy with this from a wingback, then Scotland will continue to be nothing.


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2+2 = he’s starting on Friday

wouldn’t be shocked if the team is exactly the same apart from Tierney if fit coming in at centre back.
If he starts Christie again he deserves all the flak he will get as he’s been an imposter all season.


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I dont think he did much wrong either had about 15 passes and the 15 of them went to marshall. Good average if thats what your looking for.
Fact is its not you want the wing back to make the back post,support attacks,be part of the attacks.

Still say the hendry doesnt take that shot if its patterson flying down the line for him


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Other mentally challenged defending another. Clarke certainly defends his bhoys. Can't wait to see the back of him.


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his job as a wing back is to stretch the game and get forward.

typical clarke team when the wingback is just viewed as a right sided defender.