Steve Clarke's nose


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In all seriousness, he looks fxxking awful in that picture.

Does he really have alcohol issues or is he just a miserable looking sod?

Gordy Boy

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If he never got asked about it it’s because the media know he did it while pished. If not a light hearted joke would have been made of it. Pretty sad
In all seriousness, it's clearly the elephant in the room.

Curious to know if he has a chauffeur to take him to training.


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Amazing it wasn't questioned, any other manager (lennon aside) would have referred to it in a jokey sense or a journalist would have mentioned something tongue in cheek but I reckon its part of a badly kept secret and journalists were walking on egg shells


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She’s turned the weans against him and taken them back to London

In all seriousness if this wasn’t raised or spoken about at the PC then there’s something lurking.

Does Scottish football let another manager continue on an alcoholic spiral like they did with Burley ?
He was asked if there were any 'bumps or bruises' from the weekend to which he replied 'apart from myself' which lead to awkward laughs from the so called journalists...nothing more said on matter