Steven Davis


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Having Lundstram firing in there helps massively.

We chronically over used him in the first 14 games.

Europe and the big SPL games.

Let JL crush the diddy teams.


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I for one will not be undermining the importance of this lad.

Very easy to get bogged down in negativity on forums but he is a fantastic footballer. 2 seasons in the tank.
2 seasons including this one or 2 beyond this? Perhaps a little ambitions to think beyond the end of each season given his age the often sharp decline of players, even as good as he is, at that stage.

Lundstram seems the ideal replacement for him which will soften the blow of his eventual departure but Gerrard's occasional thinking of playing them both in the same team seems illogical.

Whatever happens hes been a magnificent servant across both his runs with Rangers and will go down as an all-time great.

The Moon on Mars is Blue

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With Davis the contract situation should be easy . Towards the end of each season we should see what he has contributed and if both parties feel he can go another season the contract is extended by a year. My own view is that he will do another season .


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Fantastic talent, age is catching up on him.
Always a fallback line when a veteran hits a dip in form.
Happened to him when he first came back to Rangers!
Lets just make sure it’s not a dip in form, like most of the team had been suffering from recently, before writing him off.


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With Kamara out tonight, I am concerned because, whilst both good individually, I don't think Davis and Lundstram work well together in the midfield.


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He still has a lot to offer but Lundstram is a certain starter on current form.

Hopefully the 2 of them play well tonight because so far it has not worked when we play both of them
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Yeah i think Davis has been fine this season and still has a huge part to play.

He gets tired in the final 20 which is to be expected with his age and the whole baw recycle/stats battle madness, which is pretty pointless in our league.

Heres an idea if he gets tired bring on a kid that can run all day like Patterson or Kelly.

If our tactics were better, if we didnt play same way every single game, i think theres half a dozen players that could up their game and get us back to something like top form.


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Lundstram looks the superior player right now to Davis. The two of them just don’t seem to play well together in the same midfield, occupy the same spaces and that. I do think we will see a lot less of Davis this season in the team, will be used as more of a back up option imo.

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Gerrard has given Davis a wee rest over the last few games. I think he will stroll it tonight.

Lundstram playing with more confidence now will also help Davis.

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Far too quick to be written off after no more than 2 below par performances. Too many on here are too extreme either way in their assessments.

The amount of threads praising him were still ever present before the last few games. Think to 2nd half of that Old Firm win, he was the best player on the pitch by a long way. Legs are still very much there and has at least another season in him aftwr this. Still in our strongest 11.