Steven Gerrard desperate to watch Manchester City vs Liverpool


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That’s the first time I’ve been unhappy with Gerrards comments.

Nothing to do with him wanting to watch Liverpool it’s the “Clubs like Celtic Rangers and Aberdeen” line.

They don’t even call us by name over in the east yet our manager feels the need to name them before us.

Petty? Yes maybe, but something that always annoys me when I see it.
Ive heard Lemmon say Rangers plenty.

Imagine people who never ever read, never mind pay attention to anything in a newspaper, using it against our manager the very next day after a result like last night.


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He can set his Sky box to record it.
Let’s face it, it’s yet another stunt by the morons pretending to be journalists asking stupid questions in order to suggest Gerrard’s real passion is for Liverpool and should really be kick into touch, as dh1963 mentions tell the shyte stirring feckers he’s recording it and will watch it after he attends to his job, I.e.getting Rangers 3 points.


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I'm struggling with who's joking here and who is an absolute fucking roaster

Some absolute mentalists on here questioning the gaffers professionalism
Of all the words used in the UK and not in the US I think my favorite is mentalists.

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He should be 100 per cent solely concentrating on getting 3 points for us on Sunday and then he can take an interest in other matters. But not before.
Grow up. He was asked a question and he made a joke about the availability of the Liverpool games. He has been asked before and tried to brush the questions off. If you genuinely believe the Liverpool games take precedence over what he is trying to achieve with us then I’m sorry I have even wasted my time replying to you. Have a day off.


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5-0 at half time Gaffer and you can get yersel onto the bus for 4.30 for all I care with a wee glass of your favourite tipple


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It wouldnt surprise me if, given their links to Liverpool, any of our management team even bothers going to Livingstone. Clearly their minds are elsewhere.

Many of our support appear to feed off negativity.


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I'm not far from Almondvale so if Stevie and the lads want to come round and catch the second half can someone let them know please?

I'll nip to Morrisons and get some beers, nuts and pringles in.


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Not good to see his concentration elsewhere .....
Its not like any of our players that went on to become managers kept an eye on us when playing scum, cup games or 2008 wee run to the final, imagine spending 26 years at a club and hope to catch the second half when you finish your job..

One game at a time the Man says and thats Livingston

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He is not a fan of anything, Liverpool.
Well if there’s anything I’ve learned on this forum, it’s that you must not say anything to upset the Liverpool fanboys. Especially those Liverpool fanboys who suddenly decided to become Liverpool fanboys in 2018. The same Liverpool fanboys who will go back to calling Liverpool’ the Tarriers of England’ once Mr Gerrard leaves for pastures new.


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What a bunch of bed-wetters on here.

He mentioned the Liverpool game probably because he was asked about it; he wouldn't just randomly tell the media he's desperate to watch that game.

Hoping it doesn't distract him? Concentrate on us and only us etc.

Jesus Christ, do some of you think he'll be sitting at the side of the park ignoring us and watching Liverpool on his phone??