Steven Thompson


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Guilty of, at the time, the worst individual performance of any player I’d ever seen play for the club in a 0-3 home defeat to Hibs.

Still in my top 3.


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Just watched Sportscene Steven Thompson says VAR wins man of the match ?? what an arse wipe of a man , another on the get rid of VAR Payroll , still can’t believe this non entity so called footballer graced our shirt
He’s not exactly advocating VAR’s removal when saying it had a good game!


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Questionable? He was pushed with two hands in the back fs
At the game it looked a stone waller.
On the 2 replays I seen on sportscene played at normal speed there was definitely contact but Alfie might have anticipated it and milked it a tad. Would need a slowed down look at it.

If it was that obvious VAR would have gave us a pen surely ????

Andrew webb

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Only good thing about him was his goal v Dunfermline on last day of season helped us winning the league on goal difference

The Blue Lamp

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I stopped watching that pish a long time ago. It seemed on a weekly basis it was constant sly digs at us and glaringly obvious attempts to make it look like correct decisions in our favour were injustices. Also the bumming up of all things bheast club was nauseating. It would seem not much has changed from what people are saying. It's alright saying don't watch it, but this sh1t is funded by the public, bullied and forced into paying a license fee. It should be an impartial platform but like most things in Scotland it's riddled and overrun by rancid bheasts.


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Meant to be a liability with a drunk in him as well.

Stewart, Foster and Thompson feel like they’re a perfect match.


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I’ve not watched that shite since the Archie McPherson days. Going by some of the threads about it on here I really don’t know why people put themselves through it by watching it.


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Quite fitting him Mikey and Dicky all best pals ..pattern here is a trio of rotten footballers who in reality would struggle to command a place in the local pub team .