Stevie G going full Walter Smith


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Me as an older generation is 100% behind what SG is doing and has done ... but as any Rangers manager would say “the buck stops with me” so take it and get on with it ... honeymoon period is long gone.... this older bear wants silverware
We all want silverware mate, but that craving has to be tempered with a dose of realism as well. Setting aside where we were a few short years ago, don't underestimate how hamstrung we are financially right now. Even when we eventually are rid of Ashley, it could be years after that before we are on a level playing field with the scum. Where we are right now is nothing short of miraculous if you take everything into consideration.

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It’s fairly obvious the attitude of the crowd at Ibrox piss off the backroom staff. The leaving early and I’ve paid my way I’ll do what I want types piss me off as is but I actually never considered the mongos that are no doubt screaming their pish behind the dugout week in week out and I’m absolutely itching for Gerrard and the backroom staff to call this out explicitly as the hints and tips aren’t working. He has gave another hint, it’s time for the “support” to self police and stop allowing negativity to run riot in the stands otherwise you can sit and scream and greet all you like but the players won’t want to play for us and I honestly don’t fucking blame them with the attitude. Just because it was bouncing the other night doesn’t mean anything.

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He gets it, and clearly care about the club. He might still be prone to the occasion error as he learns his trade, and there's no guarantee he'll bring us success, however you have to love the gaffer's attitude.

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My Uncle who is 79 sits behind the dugout has done for 30 seasons now same seat and said last night wasn’t unusual there’s one guy who literally shouts “ Kamara you’re a fucking arsehole “ every single game , he’s too old to get involved but a few have told him to shut up and sit down to no avail . We all know these type of “ fans “ and it isn’t just Rangers who have them .
Angry little man syndrome. Their lives are probably so empty and meaningless they get their kicks out of abusing people who can't answer back.
Dr Freud ;)

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Why doesn’t the fans get behind the team and Manager ffs no matter what and let’s support them the job SG has done in a short space of time is remarkable.
There have always been those who like to moan at the team for as far back as I can remember. In the 70s their presence kicked off a fair few rumbles on the terraces. I think its become more noticeable though since all seated stadiums were introduced and the sanitization of football began in the 80s. As the laws for mis-behaviour got more draconian, less fowk wanted to get involved so these people became a law unto themselves. It goes beyond 'you pay your money so your entitled to your opinion' These folk seem to get some perverse enjoyment of out being miserable for 90 minutes and inflicting it on everyone else. They should do everyone a favour and stop going to the games and do something meaningful with their lives instead.
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It’s about time the club said more about the fans who suck the energy out the team by moaning or leaving early. Imgetbthatbthey put money in with their ticket purchase and can choose how to be at the ground but they do a lot to,flatten the atmosphere.

‘I think the subway loyal has been a bone of contention for a lot of folks a long time. Stay for 90 minutes unless you have a genuine reason to leave early. The buses and trains all still run when busy, you will get out the car park and home ok.

Rangers crowd can intimidate opponents, stay and contribute to the noise. The crowd can also intimidate our own team and rather than berate the players get behind them.

we have an iconic figure managing our team and week in week out he is asking for the team to be appreciated more and given support. Gerrard is loving his time at Rangers and what a guy to be singing the clubs praises ongoing


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To those who leave at 2-0 and just criticise and be negative maybe just watch the game in the house. Absolute no use of you going to the game to 'support' the team. Embarrassing when the gaffer is mentioning it.

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Imagine a boxer lying down because he had lost the first 6 rounds of a 12 round fight, that's what these diddies did by leaving. FFS support our team, we have just come back from a terrible journey that could have been our total demise. I don't get this shit at all I payed my money I can leave when Iike .


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There is some in our support who will never be pleased. After everything we have endured and the sickening lows we have suffered I dont understand it.

We have came from playing in the lower leagues of Scottish Football and having to suffer footballers who should never have been allowed near the club and would never have made it near the club if circumstances didnt dictate.

Some people need to start appreciating Steven Gerrard and what he is trying to do. The last month or so has been disappointing but we are still moving in the right direction I believe.

In Gerrard we have a man who will not give up untill he has achieved what he has set out to do, and even then he still wont stop trying to better this team.
Steven Gerrard wasn’t here when we went through everything we have. I love Gerrard but he will never fully understand what we’ve been through. We lived it, we suffered it and it’s still having an effect on us now. Gerrard needs to lay off the wee digs and get his team to do the talking on the park.


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Out of any group of 50,000 people, at any event, you’re going to get a 5% minimum arsehole contingent. Same at gigs. Fact of life IMO - I thought the vast majority were great on Thursday night.


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Never gave much thought before to those behind the dugout giving the bench pelters. We all know there will be a few who are never happy regardless, if Gerrard's last celebration was aimed at them for leaving early or comments they made then good on him tbh. Fans are always happy to give it out but don't take it back very well.


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What do they pay "there" money for? To support the team or get on the backs of players and coaching staff? It's when the going gets tough that we need to stick together, not throw the toys out of the pram. The vast majority, thankfully, managed to get behind the team last night (probably had enough intelligence to see we were up against a very good side, but were still making a go of it), rather than thinking we have a divine right to steamroller teams. No problem with Gerrard calling out the clowns who left early.
It's a bizarre attitude. I've paid £40, that means I'm allowed to sit tight behind the dugout, spout bile at the management team where they can hear me, storm off to the pub when we're 2-0 down to a bloody good European side. They deserved to miss that comeback.


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He's not taking pot shots back. He doesnt read follow follow I'm guessing. It's understandable that some are pissed off with 2020, they are entitled to their opinions and to miss the best part of the game if they want because they are adults.
If they abandoned the team with 25 minutes to go they'd be better spending their adulthood somewhere else because they're worse than a man short.


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He slams the fans behind the dugout and said “ maybe they left at 2 nil because of the weather , or the drive home , I don’t know , but we heard them “ .
Maybe they just didn’t fancy three rounds wi Gerrard behind the bike sheds at full time.


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going by his press conference after the game, it looked to be a wee dig back at the fans behind him to be fair
I know he made those comments later but he was just celebrating the goal. Doubt that was in his mind at all seconds after it went in.

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Bit of a poor pot shot at the supporters behind him imo. Watching some of the displays at home and away in the league has been dismal. At 2 nil down if we are being honest, we simply didn't look like scoring never mind winning. I can see why supporters were given him stick and some left. They pay their money. It might be loose change to him but is a good chunk of a wage to some. I love his honesty but save it for the SFA or whoever else but not the supporters.


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If he's having a go at the fans he should have a go at his management team, performances having been absolutely dire at times and tactically lacking in alternatives. Squad isn't balanced either and it's showing in most domestic games recently. Haven't heard him put his hands up about any of the issues which should happen before having wee digs at fans or players. Those same fans have had to watch us capitulate on a fair few occasions and watch him making repeated errors.

He has had a far easier time than any rangers manager I remember, he should appreciate the leeway he's had and realise it's time to deliver.

The league is more important than the uefa cup. I don't think he agrees though. Probably more credit down south for achieving in Europe than Scotland.


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He is correct about the negativity, it helps no one and there was a number around me that left when 2nd went in.
some left near me too - although never seen them before. European games can bring out all sorts. Good to hear some people shouting not to come back to those who were leaving.


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Disappointed in this thread got excited it was gonna be Gerrard finally sporting a Walter Smith cardigan. If your reading this Gerrard get it done !!