Stewart BBC ban extended


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Dont see it posted anywhere.

BBC Scotland pundit Michael Stewart has had his suspension from the national broadcaster extended as an investigation continues into comments he made live on BBC Radio Scotland.

i wonder if the sticking point is a personal apology on air by Michael Stewart himself ............he looks like the type even when wrong he'll just keep on going


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Oh dear, the kiss of death " Il bacio della morte " for wee Michael. BT Sport take note, he's a liability.


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This is the opportunity to turn the screw on Stewart. Make sure his career as a ‘pundit’ never recovers from this. That’s what would happen if the shoe was on the other foot.


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Good .I hope He sits back and wonders.
When did I become so bitter ?
How could I have let this happen to myself all to curry flavour with people I have never met and who do not care about Me .
It is pitifull .