Stewart BBC ban extended


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Hel end up at bt sport now. He done absolute nothing in the game to merit being a bt sports pundit. Sutton's an arse but atleast he could back it up with having a good career in the game.


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If the bastards at Pacific Quay don’t sack this twat there will be trouble. They would be guilty of supporting him and his on air denial of a racist incident. Every man and his dog heard the viral videos and now we have the arrest of a tarrier with the Kilmarnock investigation. I can’t see how he can come back from that.
As for continuing with BT or Premier a sports the same situation applies.


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I'd imagine he is currently suspended pending the outcome of an investigation Into his bigoted behaviour

Personally I do not use any BBC services and have not done so for around 5 years

A truly filthy corrupt organisation


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I think a large chunk of this could be down to his political comments rather than the comments about Traynor/us.


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Is he not freelance? He won't be sacked then, merely not hired again.

If I watch the highlights I do just that - not interested in his 'analysis' or <snigger> insights, as he mangles his way through the English language..


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I think a large chunk of this could be down to his political comments rather than the comments about Traynor/us.
No chance. His political comments have been ridiculous for years now with even Craig Levein commenting on his utter horseshit.

The BBC gave the SNP their own news channel which gets about 50 viewers a week. There’s no chance he’s being pulled up for his political views.


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I think one of the big bosses in London heard his outburst somehow and the PQ CSC have been told to get him out.
I've officially complained about him calling out 8 times for evidence of racism directed at Alfie referencing that no other player in Europe claiming he's been racially abused is ever challenged. Quite the the reverse. Players are assumed to be victims as a matter of course.

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You just know he is sitting in his armchair, talking it over in his head with that stupid smug look on his face and feeling zero guilt or remorse. Even if he loses his job, he won't think it is in any way his fault or deserved, he is one sandwich short of a picnic. Some people have a mind bent one way and have such arrogance that even when everyone on the planet tells you you are wrong, they just don't/can't accept it. He honestly won't give this a minutes thought. His thanking everyone for support tweet, %^*& me, In his mind he is the greatest and most accurate pundit on the planet.


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Jamie Carragher got ‘subbed’ from Sky for a few months. Next season; he’s back on and everyone forgot.

Same thing will happen here.

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Dont see it posted anywhere.

BBC Scotland pundit Michael Stewart has had his suspension from the national broadcaster extended as an investigation continues into comments he made live on BBC Radio Scotland.
Putting his verbal assault on james traynor when traynor was not able to defend himself - stewart should be sacked for bizarrely dragging the 'fan zone' and glasgow city council into the mix - proving he is using the bbc as a platform to display his political views and attempt to ingratiate himself with the snp
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