Still Considering Skipping Tomorrow?


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I honestly don’t have the motivation or desire to go but I know I’ll still go and won’t enjoy it’s wether we win 1-0 or 5-0, thanks Rangers for ruining another weekend.


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You should maybe give next Thursday a miss as well. It's a game against tough opposition and there's no guarantee of a win. Why bother?


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Some spoilt wee lassies in our support. Hopefully these tantrums reduce the waiting times for folk waiting on season tickets coming up.
That’s true. But if the big man doesn’t deliver us a big trophy by the end of next season I suspect there will be plenty STs to be had.


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Other than If other commitments get in the way I don’t understand why anyone would skip it?
Unless you’re only there for the glory. In which case I’m sure there’s people on the waiting list that’ll be more loyal.


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We should be going to Ibrox tomorrow brimming with confidence and up for a title battle. The chance to pressure on the bheggars but it's the complete opposite.

Instead, tomorrow is see as more of a chore. You just know the matchday experience will be shit, the atmosphere terrible and we will huff and puff against complete and utter dross.


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I’m going. First game I’ll have been to in a few years as I live down south now. I sure know how to pick them, expect the place will be rockin


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We’ll be there.

I’m sure we’ll see a real reaction from the team tomorrow. Will be another tough game to watch bearing in mind how Livingston play, but we’ll get the win.


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I really can't be arsed with it, but I know I'll go.
My feeling exactly. It does feel like the players have really let the support down over the past few weeks.
And before folk start slating the Ibrox atmosphere and it being our fault etc, our away support is nothing short of phenomenal and its effectively 2 away games that have done our season so its only the players to blame.


Yes it doesn't look good for the league, but the team need us more than ever. One result can change everything. We've a big European game coming up and we're one game away from Hampden. I'll be there, I'm not giving up


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I'll be there.

Anyone not going because we lost to Kilmarnock?
I trust you'll be giving up your ticket for Braga too?

Nah, didn't think so.
I'm having to give my ticket up for Braga, turns out I've got a 2nd degree where I'm seconding the candidate, so can't really get out of it.

Missing tomorrow as well due to work - I really can't be bothered wasting a holiday for this.


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Some fans will only attend if we have a chance of winning something which in my opinion we still can, glory hunters.

I'll be there.

It's the same fans who slag teams like Ross County for bringing a lack of supporters.


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Outwith Liverpool not one team in the EPL has a chance of winning the league. But virtually all grounds are full.

You don't just desert your team just because you might not win something.

Look at West Ham. Haven't won a thing for 40 years yet getting 60,000 into their stadium.


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Anyone skipping Livi because they are scunnered and things are not going our way stay away Thursday too.
Probably skip the semi at Hampden if we beat Hearts. Fvck me, shoulder to shoulder we stand... if we are winning anyway.
Where's this entitlement came from? We are needed now more than ever and if we are throwing in the towel with 7 points the difference and 13 games to play.
I am as low as I have been all season but I will be there.


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I'm having to give my ticket up for Braga, turns out I've got a 2nd degree where I'm seconding the candidate, so can't really get out of it.

Missing tomorrow as well due to work - I really can't be bothered wasting a holiday for this.
Doesn't really apply to you then mate.
Now that a bit more time has passed I was curious as to the consensus on this.

In the immediate aftermath of Wednesday and what it means for our chances of success this season, I saw a lot of people talking about giving the game tomorrow a miss. Through just being sickened, in the main.

Curious as to how many of those feel the same now.

Admittedly I’m struggling for belief re: the title this season. Big time.

But I’ll be there.
If you call yourself a Rangers fan, you attend every game you reasonably can. Whether you can be bothered going doesn't come into it. That's what makes us the club we are.

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I’ll be there.

”No more I'll sail the Seven Seas, no more I'll ever roam
No more I'll feel the urge again, I'm back where I belong
At three o'clock each Saturday, I'll join the mighty throng
With flags and banners all around, I'll proudly sing this song”

Jeez,not going along to Ibrox at 3pm on a Saturday because we got beaten on Wednesday night, a few short years ago we nearly never had a team.

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As much as I'm not really up for it I'll still be attending every home game. Still want to see my team win games,we still have a cup to play for and Europe could give the team and fans a boost in the league potentially.
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