Still Considering Skipping Tomorrow?


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they dont deserve our support with the shite they have been serving up recently. but I applaud those fans who still have the stomach for it


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Some spoilt wee lassies in our support. Hopefully these tantrums reduce the waiting times for folk waiting on season tickets coming up.
Spoilt with what exactly we have sh@t the bed every chance we get of some sort of silverware


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We as a support have been to hell and back.The result on Wednesday was a kick in the guts,on top of a media who hate us and a Sfa run by Lawell.Then we have a situation where we dont know whether we can buy our own club merchandise because one man has decided to make it his agenda to make it as difficult as possible for us to do so.But our strength is our support,waiting lists for season tickets,filling away grounds and thousands of us travelling all over europe.Get out support the team and dont let the bastards grind us down.WATP


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I'll be there but dreading the reaction to the first mis-placed pass.

Just need to battle through it for a win then move on to Thursday.


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if you don’t go tomorrow because Kilmarnock beat us on Wednesday that is not only childish but complete glory hunting at its finest. Anyone on here does that, give me a shout and I’ll find a loyal bear that would be over the moon to go and watch The Famous.
Surely if they where that loyal they’d already have a ticket for Saturday ?

Moses McNeil

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Jeez when did the rise of the super fan appear? So some people are scunnered and want to show their dislike, by not going, but according to you they're spoilt wee lassies, who should give up their ST, grow up m8
It’s not about being a super fan it’s about supporting your team through thick and thin.


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I'll be out of my bed early to be on the bus at 7.30, will get home around 1030...never crossed my mind to miss it


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Will still be there, deflated? Yes, but hopefully we see a reaction this time because I can see Ibrox being toxic if the players aren’t putting the effort in


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If anyone is not going they should use Seatsub and let someone else go in their place. I have just had a look online to see if any seats were available and there was none.

Jack Burton

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I’ll be there with my dad, 3 points and a convincing win is what’s required after Wednesday.

Would lift the squads mood and ours too, but three points is essential.


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I'll go.
But I can now be calm and take it all in without any blood pressure problems. It is what it is now.


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After dropping 8 points in our last 3 league games, if you think I'm still going to go to Ibrox on Saturday in the pishing rain to watch The Famous, you'd be bloody right!!!

True Blue

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Will be there but can't say I'm looking forward to it much.
Hopefully we can score an early goal to boost the atmosphere.


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I'll never skip a game.

I'm not remotely excited about it or looking forward to it, but I won't miss it.


Now that a bit more time has passed I was curious as to the consensus on this.

In the immediate aftermath of Wednesday and what it means for our chances of success this season, I saw a lot of people talking about giving the game tomorrow a miss. Through just being sickened, in the main.

Curious as to how many of those feel the same now.

Admittedly I’m struggling for belief re: the title this season. Big time.

But I’ll be there.
In it for the long haul :))


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I travel up in a car of four,One of the boys has got a genuine family commitment another has an art display at the kelvingrove and the third has just completely thrown in the towel,I don't drink and I am not traveling up to wander around in the pouring rain for an hour and a half just to show my loyalty,
There are two supporters buses go through my local town but they arrive at Ibrox far too early for me which means even more wandering about aimlessly so unless I wake up tomorrow morning and say phuk I'm going to the game then I'll not be there.
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