Strasbourg - also rising from the depths of despair


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PSG & Paris FC, that said Paris FC are in the second tier.
I’m not sure PSG are considered an inner city club. I think they took the Paris for gaining more supporters. But I believe Saint-Germain is/was a district of Paris very similar to Govan in Glasgow, and was only subsumed into the city limits a lot later than Govan was in Glasgow.

Their main rivals are Marsielle, I dont remember which way around it is but one was considered for african muslims and the other took exception to this in the early days.


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Info I read and never double checked was inaccurate. I never knew of another Paris team and thought it surprising a city that size only having one team.

Racing cub are still going , don’t know which Ligue they are in. One of the original founders of the French football Ligue.