Sunday’s games of football


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Couple of things about that lot

1. I’m not a fan of the whole teams trying harder in general but one thing I do think matters is players/managers in the team. Most people in Scotland grow up rangers or Celtic. I don’t think it’s to far fetched to say a Celtic fan in a team will want to beat us more than them. So the number of fans in the league in general has an effect

2. They seem to be carrying some amount of luck . Every team they play seems to miss sitters and harts error with kicking always seems to just evade the opposition player . Compare to us where teams seem ti score every chance they get


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Why was the commentator questioning if Aston Villa’s 4 touched the ball? He wasn’t even close to being offside?


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That is a disgraceful decision.

And completely shameful from that arsehole Schmiechel. Looked around to see the ball going in BEFORE screaming in agony that his hand was hurt (which, upon replay, it clearly wasn't).

The amount of protection goalkeepers are afforded is something FIFA should really be looking at. No chance of it though.


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When did they rules change ? It was always 2 hands on the ball is under control. That goal should have stood IMO.

Henry Hill

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Can see why it was disallowed tbf
But wouldn’t have been surprised if the goal was given

Moz 2000

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Can't believe how people can argue against that being disallowed. He had a full hand on the ball and stopped it dead, the ball was going nowhere until Ramsey kicked it.