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The guys who make these ratings must only watch limited highlights. 6 for Duffy? Deary me.


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Thanks Mark looking forward to you posting the rhecord hot line tomorrow , wonder if that clown Gordon Ashly will be hiding....?

Mr Wilton

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The Sun can get to with that narrative we’re stopping 10, we’re winning 55!
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Disco Deejay

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Gary Keown on Doncaster: "He is a well-remunerated human shield who simply does what he is told. Should he go, he will be replaced by someone willing to do exactly the same and things will carry on regardless."

Given that Doncaster is the Head Honcho in the SPFL and is also on the SFA Board, he should be the most powerful man in Scottish football. So, if that's not the case, who is telling him what to do and why won't things change?

My questions of course are rhetorical. We all know the answers, but it would be nice to hear the Scottish mhedia admit it..

Over to you Gary. Have a good look and if you can find a pair of balls, there's your column for next week.

Bluenose Whistler

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The picture showing Elyanoussi pulling Goldsons shirt if he had missed would we have got a penalty Beaton in a great position well within his eyeline and it IS inside the box?


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The rhag Sunday World is full of bitter b@stards. When you read the ‘story’ you see it is not true.
No cops ‘raided’ anywhere and no one was dealt with.
The guys who run that football club should sue them.
As a former journalist, not in the UK, that story is clearly a defamation of anybody who can identify themselves as being a member of that football club who is a Rangers fan.
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