Sunday's football


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Does Pogba ever burst a gut. The trot he does is so annoying. Also, every time he loses possession it’s a throw of the arms. Just go and win the ball back or turn and get into position.


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Listen Liverpool, lose all you want but you're still not getting him back. You're only spoiling it for yourselves.


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Incredible that Man Utd refused to pull the trigger on Fernandes for nearly 12 months before buying him out of sheer panic.

erskine bear

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McTominay is developing into a right good midfielder imo.
Been a fan of him since he broke through, gets a lot of lazy criticism but he’s athletic, strong, can spray a pass & can score goals.

He’s still only 23 (I think) he’s a far better player than ‘a cog’ in the machine that some think he is.

He’s taken his game up another level, he was even brilliant for Scotland in defence because of ability to play a good pass.

Clay Davis

Haha! I'm Thick
Liverpool haven’t won at Old Trafford since Gerrard missed a penalty which would have got him the hat trick.

One before that was 2009 when Torres basically retired Vidic.

I thought they’d have a better record than that.


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I still can't believe the number of pundits writing Cavani off or saying he wouldn't do it in the EPL.

His movement is honestly unreal, even at that age.


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Absolutely no chance the keeper should be getting beat on his side. Never a free kick either so typical of United’ season in that sense. Cheating bastards.

Have to chuckle at Liverpool though, where has this Liverpool been hiding for the last couple of years? How I’ve missed them B-D


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Are footballers fn stupid? Less than a minute to go and Allison plays a short goal kick to the centre half who isn’t even looking and they nearly lose another. Just before that mentally challengedson had two chances to put the ball up the pitch and played back and when they had a free kick that should have been a right footer putting the ball between the posts mentally challengedson takes an away swinger!

Ted Rangers

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Can't believe nobody has mentioned the free kick goal shouldn't have stood. The Man Utd player is less than a metre from the wall, should be a Liverpool free kick. Craig Gordon pointed that one out last week in the Hibs v Celtic game.