Sunderland's Academy manager leaves - and the rumours are the Academy will be scrapped


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Seemed genuine enough mate but u will no better! Used to like Sunderland and our Rangers bus used to do a trip down every year back in the 90s but felt it was getting to Celtic minded which was shame
He did seem genuine at the start mate, reeled us all in! The pair of them are nothing but conmen though, only one direction the club’s heading these days.

Certainly isn’t getting Celtic minded mate. Always said that after Glasgow, Sunderland is the place you’ll see the highest concentration of Rangers shirts. Always see a few walking through the Bridges or whatnot


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Getting rid of there academy would be utter madness it’s the last place I’d go making cuts if I was Sunderland. They’d be better making cuts in the first team accepting where they are and trying to build through youth for the future. The North-East of England is known as one of the centres of youth football talent. The players that have come from there for decades now. L

From a solely business perspective it has the potential to be a long term wealth creater by selling on talent but I don’t think the owners as Sunderland have any interest in the long term and have purely bought the club with the aim of being promoted to back to EPL and the selling it on.
After watching the Netflix series, you can only feel sorry for their fans. Fed a dream and the reality is so much different. Will be a huge loss and mistake to do away with the academy as that could be how the club produces good talents that can get them back up or sell for good money to raise funds. Sad state of affairs down there.