Susan Aitken offers apology for Frank McAveety Facebook post linked to Rangers fanzone


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What a patronising,insulting deluded waste of tax payers money. It doesn't matter if the comments are sectarian. It matters that a paid politician is biased and seeks to make political gain in an unacceptable way. The very fact that she either doesn't understand this or doesn't care and thinks the people she is supposed to represent are too stupid to see through her intellectually immature response means she should resign or be sacked. I won't hold my breath on either eventuality happening.


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Obviously being sold as an apology in the Evening Times. NI republican Gerry Braiden, GCCs press man, used to work for the Evening times.

I'll leave it at this - the SNP hate every one of us


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Sad thing is the SNP are only becoming more and more popular despite disgraces like this would make you boke

yosser hughes

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I hope Frank comes out all guns blazing and tells her to either apologise properly or stick her so called apology.
this, a wide-open goal for frank mcaveety here ask her to fully explain her "joke" for us all to see and hear and we can all make our own minds up,,from where i am sitting i cannot possibly see anything jocular at all in her tweet, dont let her wriggle out of this,, i really hope mcaveety comes back at her


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All sorts of wrongdoing but no need for an apology as it wasn’t sectarian! The idiots in positions of power really astound me!
As it does me mate.

The real sad part is though we stood back and let this happen. This fat dog is typical of what passes as a politician in our insular wee part of the world. A poor excuse of course in any body's language, an affront to the taxpayer who ascended to where she is because of WHAT she is.


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She has chosen to be a sectarian bigot in public. Her personal life should now be scrutinised every day!

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