Susan Aitken offers apology for Frank McAveety Facebook post linked to Rangers fanzone

yosser hughes

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I hope Frank comes out all guns blazing and tells her to either apologise properly or stick her so called apology.
this, a wide-open goal for frank mcaveety here ask her to fully explain her "joke" for us all to see and hear and we can all make our own minds up,,from where i am sitting i cannot possibly see anything jocular at all in her tweet, dont let her wriggle out of this,, i really hope mcaveety comes back at her
All sorts of wrongdoing but no need for an apology as it wasn’t sectarian! The idiots in positions of power really astound me!
As it does me mate.

The real sad part is though we stood back and let this happen. This fat dog is typical of what passes as a politician in our insular wee part of the world. A poor excuse of course in any body's language, an affront to the taxpayer who ascended to where she is because of WHAT she is.
Susan Aitken also branded the leak of the private group post as a “betrayal of trust”.
Couldn't mark this bints neck with a blow torch
Some of the comments here are a bit harsh, not fair to go after her appearance. That photo wasn't the worse part, she also mentioned she had a conversation with Humza Yousaf about strengthening the law to punish the orange order, under section 4.22 of the Ministerial Code it is a legal requirement that all government Ministers have to officially record discussions they have regarding Government business, if Mr Yousaf didn’t record that conversation then he could be in trouble for breaking the law. I’m surprised the media did pick up on that.

"4.22 Ministers meet many people and organisations and consider a wide range of views as part of the formulation of Government policy. Meetings on official business should normally be arranged through Private Offices. A private secretary or official should be present for all discussions relating to Government business. Private Offices should arrange for the basic facts of formal meetings between Ministers and outside interest groups to be recorded, setting out the reasons for the meeting, the names of those attending and the interests represented. A monthly list of engagements carried out by all Ministers is published three months in arrears."

Does anyone know what she studied at university? Her wiki says she went to Strathclyde and Glasgow Uni.

It is so stupid in this country politicians have no relevant experience or qualifications for their role, the Justice Minister has a degree in politics and Transport Minister is a occupational therapist. In countries like Germany government ministers have to have relevant experience in the sector they are overseeing which is more sensible. They must have learned the hard way after having a former artist lead their country quite badly in the 30s and 40s.


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To easy to apologise get on your knees crawl to Ibrox with written permission to set up a fanzone,A contribution from the GCC towards the cost of setting up said fanzone would go some way towards an apology for being a bigoted bitch in charge of a sectarian organisation.


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Next time someone is done for swearing or doing something, just say it was a joke and didn’t mean it, and just quote her.
She’s only sorry she got caught.