Sutton Not Letting it Rest; Re Beaton in Crown Bar Bellshill


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Sutton would be better to stop deflecting and start asking real questions!

Is Rodgers & Liewell's relationship so strained the manger will be away in the summer no matter who wins the league?

Why was a £9m* player on the bench behind a youth striker?

Why did Lustig bottle it?

Is Brown a spend force?

Why did Rodgers not stick with McGregor in the middle?

How could the tims 6foot plus CB's get bullied by a young 22 year old half their size?

Why did Nitcham chuck it?

Where's all this money the tims have gathered the last few years?

Can Liewell survive losing 10IAR?

So many questions as to why they were pumped but the focus is on the ref having a pint?!!

The paranoia,delusions and weak mindedness will be their downfall come May.
.... and, of course, who shagged all the boys ?


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Sutton is blowing his own trumpet and because of the winter break has nothing else to fill his column with.
As my auld man used to say "empty barrels make the most noise ".


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Spoke to him the other day and he told me it wasnt him and he wasnt in there ive no reason to doubt him.
If it wasn't Beaton in that pic and he was never in the Crown that night then why is he effectively endangering his family, encouraging liars and allowing his new-found professionalism to be destroyed?
I find this very, very hard to believe,