Taking motorbike to game.


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Is there any posters on here who ride their bike to the game. Wondering where you park and what you do with your helmet etc.


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I left mine at the crowne plaza and I brass necked it and left my helmet in their cloak room.

Not sure how that would work currently.


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Is there still lockers at central station? If so there and subway it.

Alternatively there is a very bear friendly local custodian could try as an outside shot.

Alfie shhh!

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Wear the helmet in the stadium?


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I used to take mine to Hampden and some away games, never had a problem with taking my helmet in with me.

Does your helmet not end up covered in all sorts? (someone will take the bait)

guy in the row behind me takes his helmet into Ibrox and just puts it under his seat. You should have no problems. I don’t know where he parks.

Parking is less of a worry to be honest, there's always space for a bike somewhere


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I went to tesco and forgot my mask so went in with my helmet on and they told me I had to take it off to put on a mask haha.

I do get it's in case I'm trying to rob but still seemed pretty ridiculous.
Stand and deliver!

Sorry sir can you remove your helmet and put your mask on.

Now where were we....


I park at the wee triangle of grass beside the old school. There's usually a cop there too so I don't worry about it as much, never had a problem taking the helmet in to the stadium.


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Pity we don't have the remote controlled car to take the ball on the pitch, you could turn up at the front door and say your the driver

Double D

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Used to see a nice Rangers Vespa behind the Govan stand in the car park squeezed in between the cars.
No idea what he did with his helmet though, I was to shy to ask!


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When I had a season ticket on MRA guy along from me came in helmet in hand every game, tucked it under his seat , never a problem . No idea where he parked . Nice guy, motorbike types always seem slightly aloof but decent and not to be messed with .


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Given that the seat next to you will probably be free I don't think storing a helmet will be a problem. I have seen some parked in the albion before but not sure where else is safe.