Tam Cowan on Sutton and foreign refs


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FRESH from claiming Alfredo Morelos dodging a six-game ban was part of a “stitch-up” to stop Celtic’s bid for ten-in-a-row, more nonsense from Chris Sutton.

Amid claims John Beaton went for a pint in a Bellshill boozer deemed a “Rangers” pub, he said: “The truth is if you are born in Glasgow, then you are one side or the other.”

Two things, Chris. 1. John was born in Motherwell. 2. Try telling that claptrap to Partick Thistle and Queen’s Park fans.

Love you to bits on the telly, big man, but give it a rest. That Old Firm game was LAST YEAR!

As for the Celtic fans who’ve bought into the conspiracy nonsense and would welcome our match officials going on strike, a wee word of warning.

With foreign refs in charge of your games, Bhoys, I make it you’ve won hee-haw since 1967!


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The last time they caused a refs strike and demanded foreign officials, the linesman incorrectly ruled out a Celtc goal and cost them the game. :D

Funnily enough, Lennon said he had no problem with the officials that game.