Tav celebrating with a chippy


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We’ve Borna on the left
And Tav on the right
And Stevie in the middle, showing then how to fight
When the press say ‘no’
We will have another go
And It’s 55 for Tav in the morning

Time for bed from this happy Bear :))


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Aye because athletes aren’t allowed a fish supper after a game. These guys probably burn 5000 calories during a game, a wee chippy after the game won’t hurt him.
Exactly. We also lose that watching the game so the dominos and umpteen beers are ok for us as well ...... that's what I will tell myself anyway.


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Love it, full gear on too, he must be proud as punch. Here’s hoping he gets his hands on the title this season as well as his chips.


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Was gutted his first time volley in the first half didn't go in. The interplay in the build up was ridiculous with about 3 or 4 backheels and flicks. Would have been one of the best OF goals in history.


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Incredible athelete and if a fish supper is the fuel then I have no problems. He’s our own Alf Tupper ( only us auld yins will understand this)

Giffnock bear

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14 games, 8 goals and 5 assists this season.

Been part of a defence that has conceded only 4 goals in those 14 games.

I actually think tav does show up in these game & I know he made an error that led to a goal previously but I’d say our captain is doing pretty damn well so far this season and hope he enjoyed his supper.
Plus we didn't concede in 4 friendlies.
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