Team vs Kilmarnock


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Know we have a few days yet but seeing as SG said team would look different, what you think team will be?

I think he’ll go with......

Tavanier Goldson Worrall Halliday
Davis Kamara
Kent Candeias


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Would like to see the spine of the team remain in place, with one or 2 of the youngsters given a place in the squad as reward for a good season. Keeps up morale in the youth teams if they see a progression path


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Tav, Goldson, Jack, Kamara, Arfield, Candeias, Kent all deserve to be lying by the pool with an ice cold cerveza.


Flanagan Worrall Katic Barisic

Polster McCrorie Davis

Middleton McPake


J Dawg

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I'd give the youngsters a chance together with Polster and Wallace.
Both McCrories, Mebude, Middleton

We can't win the league, we have secured 2nd.

Be good experience for them.
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Fair point re ringing the changes to give squad players a game but to be honest I'd still put out a strong team to make sure we win and keep our run going. Don't want to end the season on a defeat plus we owe Killie one after they done us in the first league game at Rugby Park. Personally I'd select the same side that pumped that lot on Sunday but have Barasic in for Flanagan and have Wallace, Morelos and anyone else who is probably leaving on the bench and give them a cameo and chance to wear the colours for the last time in the final quarter. If Barasic is definitely leaving then Andy Halliday to start at left back but lets finish on a high.


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Morelos picks up a serious injury on that pitch or gets 'done' by one of the scummy Killie players - then what ? Are we prepared to take a risk with a 15m-20m asset that we need to cash in on in the summer ?? Not worth the risk IMO.

Big Buff

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I wouldn't play Morelos. There's no point in risking an injury.

Valley Bluenose

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I think there will be a raft of changes - but, as always, I desperately want us to win this game. I care not a jot if Killie winning means the Sheep miss out on Europe. This is about Rangers. We want to keep our winning run going until the end of the season. We want to keep the gap to the Dhims as no more than 6 points, ideally just the three. We want to make clear that we can beat sour-faced Clarke's team even on their own plastic pitch. A repeat of the result in the League Cup earlier in the season will do nicely - with no injuries or suspensions arising from the match.


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Polster Worrall Katic Halliday
McCrorie Davis Kelly
Candeias Defoe McPake

Mebude and the young RB off the bench


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Seen a few mention tav is he not away on
Holiday already with a few other senior imagine those who have played in most of our games since July are away on holiday already


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Morelos? Do you think our most prized asset will be risked on a plastic pitch in a meaningless game on the last day of the season?

Valley Bluenose

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Why obviously?
Goldson may want to play!
Oh, I've no doubt he might well want to play - in fact I'd be disappointed if any of the players didn't want to play. However, Tavernier, Goldson and McGregor have made more appearances this season than anyone else - all are over 50 appearances. Greegs misses the game due to his stupidity, I'd look to rest both Tav and Goldson though.


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Would be suprised if Barisic starts mate, after his previous comments about playing on synthetic surfaces.
Forgot about that. It's unacceptable to have a first teamer who can't play on plastic. How can you hold down a starting place when you're automatically ruled out of 6 league games? Recruitment needs to take that into account this summer.