Teams less likely to sit deep in BCD games?


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I think the lack of fans both hindered and helped us on Saturday. I think, if fans were there, we’d have played with more intensity for longer periods of the game but also, if fans were there and it was only 1-0 we’d have faced more of an onslaught towards the end. Without fans definitely affects players mindset IMO.

It’ll be interesting to see the next two games at home, I think that teams might be less likely to sit in than they would when crowds are there. Although the only game I’ve watched without fans is ours yesterday, so that might be nonsense, just think opposition players will be less affected by occasion and more likely to look for a pass/take players on rather than just clearing and staying in defensive shape. I’m hoping they’ll be more open.

One for people who actually watch football are weaker teams a bit more open without fans or is it just the same as it would be?