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Its getting to the stage that the club should start refusing to give interviews to these media outlets .I was against this before but now something has to be done .
Players and the manager apparently must give a media conference when required according to league rules .Gerrard and think today it was Aribo should take questions but only answer yes , no or don't know to any question they receive .
Also you can't make them do it but all Rangers staff and that includes SG should refuse the interviews in the Scottish nationals if they want to do it give it to the English editions only and insist its not published in the Scottish versions of the rag .
News can be given on the various official Rangers media outlets .
Enough is enough time for the club and the fans to go to war .
If they make up stories sue the ass of them they will eventually get the point
Rant over


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CJ is usually pretty spot on, this time is no exception. The anti-Rangers narrative from the media in Scotland is absolutely ridiculous and quite frankly quite embarrassing.

no one likes us, we don’t care

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Tell you what if you reversed Morelos to being Scottish he would be the wonder player of Scottish football getting all the plaudits from press TV radio Griffiths being columbian he'd be getting it tight drug taking shoplifter gambling womaniser racist waste of space
To be perfect honest mate, it's got less to do with Alfie's nationality (and Griffiths or anyone elses) but is 100% to do with the colour of the top Alfie wears & the team he plays for. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Good video.

I'll say it again.

Rangers NEED to employ a professional researcher to gather evidence (there's plenty of it) of the bias, double standards and lies. Produce professional, academic standard reports and publish them naming and shaming the bigots and cowards that attack us day in and day out. Failure to do so allows our enemies to continue to attack us.


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Not seen this guy before TBH but hard to argue with much of this. Well made points, not sensationalist. Fair play for trying to speak up and force the issue.


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Some rational journo should do a compare and contrast piece on the coverage of Morelos and 'brave' Leigh.


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It’s guys like this that the Club should be looking to employ for our media content.
Young articulate and with a passion for the Club happy to admit our mistakes but also happy to highlight the hypocrisy and bias.


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Never heard of the boy before, but that's spot on, and is something the club should be firing back with.

We can all see it, and we have all seen it coming.

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